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How Has Don Pollo Handled COVID-19?

Like many businesses at this time, Don Pollo found itself incredibly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. However, we adapted to safety guidelines and found ways to get our mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine into our customers’ hands as safely as possible.

We have been at the forefront of compliance and health safety since the beginning of this pandemic, never once compromising our customers’ safety. We ensured that our food was handled, prepared, and delivered as safely as possible. To do this, all our employees wore gloves and masks and as an additional bonus, plexiglass was installed to separate cashiers from customers.

Our restaurant interiors are structured for social distancing, allowing appropriate length in between customers. Additionally, our food is available for delivery through all the major food delivery apps as well as through our own delivery trucks. Every night, we undergo an extensive cleaning process, leaving no corner unchecked.

All these measures have been taken and will continue to be in place to ensure that when you get Don Pollo’s food, you are protected.