Total gem hiding in a strip mall on Viers Mill Rd. The aroma of charbroiled chicken is striking. What an incredibly tasty Peruvian style chicken eatery.

Fresh rice and beans, black bean pico, and yuca were outstanding sides.
I will be coming back to sample more sides, along with another main course of ohh so heavenly tasty moist tender charbroiled chicken!!!

Loring P. (Yelp!),

Best peruvian chicken I've had. I had never finished a full meal of peruvian chicken in one sitting and here I couldn't stop until I was done. Wasn't even that hungry. And the sides were so good I barely touched the sauces till the end, with other places that would be the best part. Don't get me wrong their sauces are good but the meal stood on its own. I think 5 stars means some of the best in that category and they are definitely one of the best peruvian chicken places around here. Love.

Nadia V. (Yelp!),

My chicken cravings have definitely been satisfied after coming here! Don Pollo offers superb Peruvian chicken at a pocket-friendly price. Where it's located may seem a little sketchy, but if you can look past that fact you'll be in for a treat.

The chicken I got was delightfully crispy on the outside (you've got to admit that the skin is probably the best part!), and juicy on the inside. It's the type of chicken you want to eat until nothing is left but the bare bones. The rich, savory flavor is unmatched by some of the other chicken places in the area.

The two sides I got were the yuca and plantains. The yuca here was done right. It was cooked to perfection with a soft interior and crispy exterior. They're kinda like french fries, only WAY better. The plantains were sweet and filling -- it's the best side to end with because it'll balance out with the rest of the savory flavors in your meal.

As for the sauces, I couldn't decide on which one I liked better. The green sauce had a fresh, garden-y taste with a slight kick to it. The yellow-ish one was creamier and smoother in texture. Both are good dipping sauces for the yuca and/or the chicken!

Don Pollo definitely earned my seal of approval. The crispy skin and the juiciness of the chicken are a huge win in my book! I'm pretty glad I discovered this little gem of a place.

A.J. S. (Yelp!),

The chicken here is pretty damn good. Not overcooked or too salty. Pretty tender. I would highly recommend this place to my Peruvian chicken lovers. The Yuka and beans and rice is good as well. Always willing to come back.

Joe K. (Yelp!),